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Jan 13, 2013 2:00am PST
for 181 yards, threw for 263 yards and two scores. the niners advance the nfc championship game. 45-31 the final. collin rush is live at the stick. collin? >> in my possession here, the quest for six towel handed to all the fans tonight. of cures they're looking for a sixth super bowl title. we wondered, and i think most fans wondered, how would colin kaepernick react in his first postseason start. well, he replied in a big way. despite an early pick six, 444-yard of total offense for kaepernick. >> it's going to be all right. just one of those things. came out ready to go. knew he would have a big game. >> 400 yards rushing? >> almost. >> it's a lot easier on me when other people are making plays. so our offensive line came out and dominated up front. that makes it easier on the quarterback. >> thought we played great. collin had a great game. just -- >> jim harbaugh, the man can coach. becomes the eighth coach in nfl history to lead his team to the league championship game his first two seasons. that's amazing. of course, much more later on in sports. for now, we're live at candle
Jan 12, 2013 1:05am PST
kaepernick rooting for the packers and aaron rogers cheered for the niners. he wanted to be the next joe montana and kaepernick born in milwaukee and loved the pack and idolized brett favre. kaep's extended family lives in wisconsin down the road from green bay. the kaepernicks love their packers, but this game they are cheering for the red and gold. >> i am a packer fan for life. but i tell everybody family comes first. there is no way i am conflicted. i know who i want to win. >> now remember the 2005 draft, aaron roger wiles never forget the days the niners bypassed him and took alex smith. rogers fell to tbreen bay. a rough start to this year. week one and the 9ers go to lambeau and beat him. the combination of factors lead the niners to finish a half a game ahead of green bay. that's why the niners have home peopled. home field. rogers is looking forward to playing at the stick. >> i went to a few baseball games there growing up. i saw a game there while in college. it is a stadium with a lot of tradition. it will be a night game and loud and a great environment. it should be a good
Jan 8, 2013 1:05am PST
saturday night. they may be kicking off against each other all week long. the niners and packers met at the season opener at lambeau field the niners won the field with alex smith throwing to moss and davis for touchdowns. the defense contained aaron rodgers, which will be difficult the second time around. >> rodgers does a great job of using the cadence and disguising and looking at safeties and corner backs off. so we have to have our discipline and stay on top of those guys and make it as hard as we can for him. >> that's the saturday night game. kickoff just after 5:00 p.m. at the stick. >> hockey fans or relieved. finally at least there will be some season here. nhl players and owners agreed on a collective bargaining agreement but it took them 113 days and the prolonged lockout. the shortened season is expected to start next week. the sharks were on the ice this morning and ready to get back to work. >> very exciting time to get the players back in the locker room, first of all, and then finally assemble a team and put together a game plan for a short season. the players are ex
Jan 9, 2013 1:05am PST
early in the day. not going to affect the niners game. dry for the rest of the weekend and into next week. >> sandhya, thank you. >> speaking of the niners, they are gearing up for their biggest game of the season so far. >> and a lot of pressure on the quarterback. sports director larry beil is here. >> i got scared second. saturday? that's early. for colin kaepernick the second part of the season is a dress rehearsal. he was the understudy and is ready for t >>> it is unclear if justin smith will be able to play at full strength. it is unclear who the kickers will be. but they are crystal clear when it comes to colin kaepernick. they expect him to play well saturday night 49ers versus green bay. you talk about pressure when jim harbaugh made the move to kaepernick it was done to prep for games like this. the second game started seven games. now he is faced with trying to keep pace with aaron rogers of the packers. if kaep is nervous at all, it does not show. >> i don't think you have to be show cal -- vocal to be a leader. at the quarterback position you have to speak up at time. y
Jan 14, 2013 2:00am PST
up a bit later, the hot new trend coming out of yesterday's niners game. >>> shark fans cheered as the team took the ice in san jose. the players returned to work after team owners and the union agreed on a new player contract. >> hope they are ready to go all the way though. have been waiting for awhile for that. practice will be open to fans tomorrow as well. they open their schedule on january 24th. we will hear from the players in sports. still to come on abc news the a 11:00, a scramble to get guns and ammo as they make plans to increase gun control. what is coming up next week. and growing flu fierce as it closes in on california. how to protect yourself before you get sick. and it is the build up before the oscars next month. >>> sandy hook elementary students have different opinions on what should be done with the school. 200 people attended a meeting at newtown high school. some want the school demolished and a memorial built on the property. others want it rinna straighted and the areas where the tragedy happened removed. another meeting is set for this week. >>> this
Jan 11, 2013 1:05am PST
this evening. niners play off game against the green bay pack they are saturday. >> san francisco mayor ed lee and green bay schmid made a bet on the game. these are the better with the 2 marries. >> those are good. >> okay. look behind us. pretty cool. live picture new at 11:00 san francisco bay bridge really putting on quite a light show tonight. >> part of the bay light project. crews already strung the first of 25,000 led lights on the bridge. >> tonight sequence of the lights tested. project scheduled to be completed in march to celebrate the bridge 75th anniversary when the lights will twinkle in various designs and patterns. really is cool. >> saw a flicker there. interesting stuff. >> all right very cold out there. getting colder. >> sandhya is here with the forecast. >>reporter: yes, bundle up first thing tomorrow morning. you are going to feel the chill if not feeling it now. live doppler 7 hd writ now showing you jaws couple of cloud otherwise skies are clear and the temperatures are falling. it is down to freezing already at nap a.32 degrees winds calmh livermore 39 degree
Jan 7, 2013 2:00am PST
for the big game on saturday. >> that's right. >> the niners. >> i know. >> thank you so much, leigh. >> and we are talking hockey with colin rush. big news out of there. >> we are. this has been a longtime coming. it is finally here. check this out. now that the nhl lockout is ending, the length some players will go to to get state side, well it may surprise you. a great story for you. we will recap day two of the wild card weekend and mike shumann goes one on one with a guy that is an allstar l >>> welcome back. after 113 days, the league and the union have reached a tentative agreement on a collective bargaining agreement. the nhl is coming back. players can't wait literally. washington capitals senator center playing during the lockout. he was on the team bus when he heard the lockout ended. the bus stopped at a gas station and he hoped up. he tweeted we let mo-jo go. back home phoenix could coyote player rep like everyone else thrilled there will be a season. >> you hope that it happened sooner, and it didn't. you got through it and we got through it. you sense that things were
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7